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To Prepare or Not to Prepare?

Jul 03, 2018 0 comments
To Prepare or Not to Prepare?

I think this is a question we all ask ourselves. Do you spend the time, money and resources to prepare yourself for something that may or may not happen? Well, you're smart for asking yourself that question. 

For me, the answer is simple. I personally would much rather be prepared for an emergency situation than be caught completely off guard, with no preparations to handle the situation. To me, it is always better to have and not need than to need and not have. 

Honestly, if you think about it, none of us ever know when something may occur. This includes natural disasters, accidents, emergencies, and even financial collapse. And yes - even an apocalyptic situation. Do we ever really know what will happen? 

What does it hurt to have some supplies on hand? When you think about it, having them in your vehicle is really a must have. 

So, in my opinion, I can honestly say yes. You should always be prepared for whatever life may throw your way. How you decide to do that, and what you decide to have on hand - well that part is up to the individual, and what you think your needs may be. 

~ The Grey Survivalist


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