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Let's talk about Vegas. Cui Bono?

Oct 05, 2017 1 comment
Let's talk about Vegas.  Cui Bono?


Ok.  So.  Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY is talking about the Las Vegas incident.  And that is to be expected considering the appalling scene that unfolded there in the last few days that is unprecedented in many ways. 

I think that there are also a great many people that are hurt, angry and confused mainly because it doesn't make sense.  Makes ZERO sense - none, nada, at least on the surface and based on the "official" story. 

People - normal people - just don't DO something like this.  Who wakes up one day and just decides to go murder tens or hundreds of innocent people?  Nobody, that's who. 

But there are answers, if you can set emotions and beliefs aside for just a moment and ask the right questions, the answers are there.  I am not saying that they will provide any comfort, but they are there. 

We are being told to believe that a 64 year old multi-millionaire, for reasons unknown and as of yet not explained brought a preposterous amount of weapons and ammunition into the Mandalay Bay casino over the course of several days and proceeded to not only escape a ridiculous number of cameras doing so, but continue on to carry out the most deadly mass shooting in US history.  Alone. 

This is the same casino, by the way, that was able to fully lock down in just a few minutes after a power outage on Wednesday, May 11, 2016. 

These images and narratives are being shown and repeated over and over every day, hour and minute to the point that people's emotions are at a breaking point. 

Despite this, as the details begin to slowly stream out, I have to ask - who benefits?  Qui Bono? 

Did the shooter or his family or friends benefit in any way? 

I guess it is hard to say, since he is not around to answer any questions conveniently (or not, depending on your perspective), but if you dig just a little deeper, you just may be able to find someone that does. 

There are people, very powerful people mind you, that have publicly stated that a "good crisis should never go to waste"

The one that I am referring to specifically is the former chief of staff of the Obama administration, Rahm Emanuel.  You can see him say this out of his own mouth for yourself in the video below. 

So if you start to see red flags pop up that you can't for the life of you explain, that just don't make any sense, always ask yourself "Qui Bono?", or "Who benefits from this?", and work backwards from there. 

It will often take a lot of digging, but fortunately for us, we have the internet.  What used to take sometimes years to reach the light of day is now shared almost instantaneously. 

The most compelling answer to our question can be found on a little site called 4chan, and was posted, of all days, on September 11, a few weeks ago. 

The now archived thread can be found here, but has been carbon dated and was posted well in advance of the Vegas shooting. Carbon date

In the thread, a user named "John" makes some pretty frightening predictions about Vegas and the aftermath. 


He states that something very big and very bad would be happening in the Vegas area in the near future and the reason was to make the American public think that places with extremely high security (like Vegas) aren't safe. John2

This would pave the way for new laws and regulations and ultimately lead to the purchase and installation of a very large number of metal detectors, backscatter machines (full body x-ray devices like those at airports), and other security devices in a very widespread manner. 

He goes on to name the specific companies that have interests in these exact areas, and also conveniently (or not, depending again on your perspective) are very connected politically.


One of the people I am referring to is Chertoff, Chertoffwho was DHS secretary  from 2005- 2009.  He also ran a private security consulting agency, The Chertoff Group, and was heavily pushing OSI scanning machine installations around the time of the underwear bomber. 

This push took a bit of a hit however when it was brought to light that OSI was one of his main clients, hinting that he may have something to gain personally from all of this. 

So there's that,


Add to that, James Murren, who is the CEO of MGM International (who owns the Mandalay Bay casino), also just happens to be a sitting member of the DHS' National Infrastructure Advisory Council, and sits on a group that writes reports where they talk about things that they can do to help get legislation passed, regulations to put in security technology infrastructure, such as ummmm... x-ray machines.... , how to make it affordable for shareholders (casinos and other places that will implement the machines), and how to gain public acceptance for the measures they want taken. 


The video goes into more detail about all of this, as well as Sheldon Adelson's involvement, which I will let you discover for yourself. 

Often times there is a push for gun control after events like this, which we are conveniently (or not.....) seeing, but there are several sourced examples in the video for exactly what the 4chan post predicted, security vulnerability from places like The NY Times, The Huffington Post, and FOX, which I personally find to be super creepy. 

Add to that a Bloomberg post on the day after the shooting about scanning the guests of hotels in the near future for Las Vegas, as well as a TV interview of Chad Sweet (former DHS official and also - wait for it - Cofounder/ CEO of the Chertoff group.....I'm not making this stuff up.  Look it up.) talking about - wait for it again..... security scanning machines, and you have to ask yourself at what point is it not a coincidence anymore.

I am not at all saying that the Vegas attack never happened, and like many others, I am very angry and heartbroken for the victims and their families.  I do have to add that I am personally of the opinion that the who and the why are complete fabrications, made in attempt to play on our emotions and perceived stupidity. 

This is something that I feel strongly about, and would ask that we all at least take a brief moment to ask questions, and to give our best attempts at making some kind of sense out of the senseless events that have recently transpired. 

The world that we live in is increasingly difficult to survive in, and I only hope that it will get better and not worse, but for that to happen we need to all unite, and be smart. 

Yaahms here, and signing off.  Stay safe everyone, and as promised, video below.



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  • Wow. Amazing post. Very informative, and an interesting perspective on these tragic events. I agree that something just isn’t right with this entire scenario.

    Jessica on

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